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Business Process Outsourcing – We are global specialists in optimizing your workforce productivity. With teams of skilled and highly educated process experts at your disposal, we focus on efficiencies to deliver impressive results.

Why Geotech?

Leading provider of business process outsourcing. Our skills deliver effective workflows and more proficient operations - the key ingredients to minimize pain points. We operate across many industries and sectors, enabling businesses to expand profitably and achieve objectives. One of the secrets of our success is front-loading investigative research and planning what actions will make the most impact for your enterprise. Then we design the solutions and implement them in a highly professional manner to transform your operation.

Flexible and

We are highly adaptable, which means we have the capability to maintain our vision and focus while responding with agility to sudden internal or external changes. This mix of steady balance with instant flexibility has been proven to deliver excellent results no matter what.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we achieve this by remaining focused on your needs and your objectives in all that we do. We constantly review and improve our service to ensure we deliver value and expected results.

Excellence across all our services

A true desire for excellence in everything we do is what motivates and drives us forward. That includes constantly developing our skills and going the extra mile to ensure we offer more than just a solution.


We don’t just focus on today’s needs. We take a view over the longer term to detect and identify trends and changing business environments. That makes us always fresh and ready for new challenges.


We enable you to free up and reassign resources to priority tasks as well as giving you back your time. With a slick and smooth operation you are better equipped to take on new challenges for faster growth. The real benefits of superior process outsourcing are freeing up your best workers, resulting in better efficiencies and added bandwidth. That helps to deliver both individual development and enterprise growth with greater employee satisfaction and reduced stress levels as an added bonus.

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Do you enjoy solving peoples’ problems? Does supporting others give you a sense of satisfaction? Do you enjoy being part of a team? Then you may be exactly what we are looking for here at Geotech. Show us what you are capable of to help us improve our clients’ efficiency and deliver our market-leading strategies.

Available positions

Marketing Department

Junior WordPress Developer

Finance Department:

Financial Coordinator

IT Department

PHP Developer

Help Desk

Member of Payment and Business Development team

Customer Support

Compliance and Verification Agents
Sales Agents
Key Account Managers


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